Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bergen Daily Market

Just across from Bryggen is this daily market with its wonderful fish, salami and scarves all being sold side by side. Mothwatering crevette alongside stokvis, crabs and delicate neckwear! Posted by Picasa

Bryggen, Bergen - World Heritage Site

Bryggen is the old wharf of Bergen, a Hanseatic Port in Norway. The Hanseatic League was a trading empire from the 13th to the mid-16th century controlling the Baltic as well as much of Northern Europe. They set standards for trading and were successful until member nations took their independence and the Hanseatic influence wained. It has been damaged by many fires - the last in 1995, but what remains has been restored or is being restored. Many of the buildings are used by artists and artisans. Posted by Picasa