Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loseley Park Spring Garden Show

We had a visitor to stay this weekend and decided that a great place to visit would be Loseley Park as they were holding their Spring Garden Show. We were not disappointed, least of all with the scorchingly good weather. We arrived quite early but even so plenty of people were already there and true to form, we went looking for coffee to start with. The courtyard café wasn't yet open, only the coffee tent in the garden, so we went straight in and found the end of the queue. Before long we had our drinks and began to look around.

There are loads of nurseries at the show as well as garden related artisans and goods stalls.The garden is also looking good despite the lateness of our spring. We spent ages looking at all the different things, eventually buying some little dianthus to go in the front garden. We stopped for a sandwich, which we ate on the wall above the canal, enjoying a bit of shade from a strong sun.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Orchid and Botanical Art Show

The last show of the spring at the Hort Halls. Its all to Orchids and Botanical Art this time - with the Botanical Art really stunning, but no photos, naturally. The orchids more than made up for that!
In Lawrence Hall

Phalaenopsis Btother Pico ' Sweetheart'

Dendrobium nobile Stardust ' Orange Gem'
Baptistonia sylvana

Dendrobium fimbriatum 'oculatum

Paphiopedium Sweet Sunrise

Paphiopedium Tiger;s Eye 'Downland'

Paphoipedium 'Saint Swithin'
Coelogyne cristata alba