Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Renovated Agriframes Garden at RHS Garden Wisley

What a day! It seems to have never stopped raining, but still loads of people braved the elements to visit RHS Garden Wisley. All through August there have been fascinating activities for children and as they come in for free - that's the 6-16 year olds - families have been visiting Wisley to join in the fun. This week the children have been involved with all things to do with bugs - looking at them and making them from willow and tissue.
Today was also the grand re-opening of Agriframes Garden of Rooms, one of the Model gardens at Wisley. In celebration, Agriframes invited Mr and Mrs Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen to promote the garden as well as their new range of garden furniture for Agriframes.

It should have been a jolly party with a 'wizard' laid on for the children and drinks (of the bubbly variety for the adults) and snacks to be had in the conservatory at the back of the model garden. Even a bubble machine was bravely pumping out bubbles to the delight of the one or two children who were present. Mr and Mrs Llewellyn-Bowen looked very disappointed with the weather, hiding under brolleys, being interviewed by a dripping wet reporter as the photographer tried to make the best pictures he could despite the trying circumstances. Only a handful of visitors had made it up to the garden, but you can't blame those who didn't. The Garden of Rooms is looking good and the new furniture is fun - as you would expect -  so don't hesitate to go along and have a look at it, but choose a better day than today!