Sunday, March 30, 2014

We arrived in The Hague on Friday evening and stayed with our good friends and their lovely dog, Doerak, an Irish terrier.

We went off for walks with him each day, up to the beach at Scheveningen, first to the north and then to the west, enjoying his freedom on the sand and the wonderful views out to see and around us.
On Saturday evening we had a delicious dinner at our friends local Italian, where we started off at a small table  at the back, but as the men started talking with the owner about which wines we might like to try with dinner, he moved us to a bigger table  with a bit more light, probably to accommodate the glasses!The wines involved were Barbera D'Alba, Alte Rocche Bianche 2011 and a Vermentino 2012 Bolcheri, Guado al Tasso. Our dinner was delicious and lived up to all expectations.

La Bruschetta